Happy New Year!


Happy New Moon!  🌑

Has the eagle ever landed? Never mind – now it is grounded!
The earth has it’s own rules – beware of gravity as well as the bear and bull traps! XOXO

Happy New Year! 🐂

Wonderful Year of the Ox, welcome little Bull!
The Rat Race is over: they have sniffed and snuffed enough in the past. The gamestop’s here – the arena is open.
Why hurry the new stuff, when this friendly bull likes to sniff on flowers first?

Happy New World Order!  🌏

The old world has never been in such good order and the new world has had it’s order long enough – neither are coming back.

What’s next?
Perhaps finally a world of orderly and reasonable people, after all the others have had their way.

Some will always try to reason with a machine (wir überlassen das kurzweiligen Gedankenspielern).
For the dead do not come back to life through dead stuff.

Alas! This is only the beginning.  🌱
You need much more to bring order out of chaos!